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Port of Gothenburg Remains Open despite Coronavirus Covid-19

Logistic News - Published on Mon, 23 Mar 2020

Image Source: Port of Gothenburg Coronavirus COVID-19
In response to the coronavirus outbreak, the Gothenburg Port Authority has decided to request a Maritime Declaration of Health from all vessels calling at the Port of Gothenburg. It said “The routines have been in place since 3 February and will continue until further notice. We have also introduced a work rotation scheme to reduce the spread of the infection and to guarantee we can continue to assure calls by vessels and the handling of freight, and to keep the port operating as normal. If you visit the port, we prefer that for a while you conduct meetings by video link if possible. We are doing everything we can to keep ourselves healthy.”

The Maritime Declaration of Health stipulates that if a vessel reports that a member of the crew or a passenger on board is ill and has been in a WHO-classified risk area, the port’s quarantine plan is activated, and an infectious disease physician is contacted. The physician then makes a medical risk assessment.

The port has ongoing contact with infectious disease physicians in the Västra Götaland region. Demanding a Maritime Declaration of Health for all vessels calling at the port has proved effective and will apply until further notice.

Special routine for cruise ships
The situation for cruise ships however is different due to the large number of passengers and crew members compared to a freight vessel. The routine for cruise ships has been adapted accordingly. The cruise lines follow the Cruise Lines International Association coronavirus guidelines. Measures include the following:
Passengers must be denied boarding if they have travelled from or transited any of the risk areas listed by the WHO in the last 14 days.
Passengers must be denied boarding if they have been in contact with anyone exhibiting coronavirus symptoms.
All passengers must be screened before boarding and ships must have additional medical expertise on board.

The majority of cruise ships calling at the Port of Gothenburg are operated by CLIA-affiliated cruise lines. The cruise season in Gothenburg begins at the end of March with a small number of calls before the peak season commences at the end of May and continues throughout the summer.

If there is an outbreak on board, a medical risk assessment will be made by an infectious disease physician, and the infected person or persons will be taken ashore.

The general principle is that the Port Authority follows Public Health Agency guidelines and instructions and any other directives in force to protect against infectious diseases.

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Posted By : Yogender Pancholi on Mon, 23 Mar 2020
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