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Australian Bauxite’s ALCORE Starts Refining of ABx bauxite into aluminium fluoride AIF3

Metal News - Published on Mon, 08 Jul 2019

Image Source: Alcore
Australian Bauxite Limited announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary ALCORE Limited has commenced the chemical refining of ABx bauxite into aluminium fluoride AIF3, commencing with removal of silicon and iron oxides to create a clear solution containing the aluminium fluoride that will be produced by a crystalliser-still stage in coming days. This milestone was achieved successfully last week at the ALCORE Research Centre in Berkeley Vale, Central Coast NSW - next focus on designing the optimum blend of bauxite and reagents for the ALCORE mini-production plant. Construction of the sophisticated mini-production plant was completed over the last 4 months

ALCORE's patent (pending) application technology is designed to refine raw bauxite to produce AIF3 and valuable co-products. AIF3 is an essential electrolyte ingredient in aluminium smelters

Global demand for AIF3 is increasing strongly as aluminium smelter production increases and the use of AIF3 in lithium ion batteries increases

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Posted By : Ratan Singh on Mon, 08 Jul 2019
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