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Diesel decline to fuel auto demand for aluminum - Constellium

Metal News - Published on Thu, 08 Nov 2018

Image Source: Electric Cars
Reuters quoted Constellium Chief Executive Jean-Marc Germain as sayingthat the decline of diesel engines will support the growing use of aluminum in vehicles as the auto industry pursues lighter models to meet emissions targets, the head of aluminum parts maker Constellium said that as a lighter but costlier alternative to steel, aluminum has become a significant part of premium car models and efforts to bring electric-powered vehicles to the mass market has also raised the prospect of wider aluminum use. He said that “If diesel is struggling then in a way it’s good for aluminum. Aluminum is very well placed to help reduce emissions.”

Diesel’s reputation was tarnished by an emissions test-cheating scandal at Volkswagen while distrust of their greater release of nitrogen oxides and particulates has overshadowed their lower CO2 emissions compared with gasoline.

Politicians are calling for bans on diesel vehicles while the European Union is discussing new rules to cut car emissions limits by around a third by 2030.

Despite recent successes for steel in models such as the Tesla 3 and the Audi 8, Constellium has kept a medium-term projection of 10-20 percent annual growth in automobile demand for aluminum, seeing further uptake as car makers shift toward lighter, multi-material solutions.

Mr Germain said that “Most of the time, aluminum replaces steel while steel replaces steel."

Aluminum’s challenger role in the car industry is the opposite of its position in planemaking, in which its historical dominance has been eroded by plastic composite materials.

German reiterated a previous outlook for 2 percent annual growth in aeronautic demand for aluminum, about half the level seen in the past.

Constellium is among the world’s largest suppliers of aluminum products alongside peers including Arconic and Novelis.

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Posted By : Rabi Wangkhem on Thu, 08 Nov 2018
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