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IRMA seeks duty removal on magnesia and alumina for refractories

Metal News - Published on Tue, 06 Nov 2018

Image Source: Devdiscourse
Devdis Course reported that industry body Indian Refractory Makers Association has urged the government to remove duty on raw materials like magnesia and alumina required for manufacturing refractories. A refractory is an equipment which can handle the high-temperature required for making hot steel, and magnesia and alumina are the key raw materials required to produce it. At present, the duty on magnesia is 5 per cent and on alumina 10 per cent. The scarce availability of these raw materials is forcing the industry to import from other countries, which is rising input costs, Mr Sameer Nagpal, Head Advocacy, IRMA said.

Under the new steel policy, the government has set up a target of ramping up its steel-making capacity to 300 million tonnes by the 2030-31.

Mr Nagpal said that "Refractory is one of the key equipment used in steel making. Not just steel, refractories are also used by glass makers, aluminium, cement players etc and all these industries are growing in India. But raw materials available to make one of the key equipment remains an issue.” He added that import of raw materials like alumina and magnesia from China increases the input cost.

He further said that minerals used to make refractory are also available in India and the government can explore the areas and auction the mines to the players. This will reduce the dependence on imports and reduce the input cost as well.

Mr Nagpal said that "We are trying our best to produce refractories of global standards in India and have potential to cater to the needs of steel and aluminium industries. Recently, Centre of Excellence for Refractories joined hands with IIT-BHU's Advance Research Centre for Iron and Steel to develop advanced technologies to cater to the needs of the domestic steel industry.”

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Posted By : Rabi Wangkhem on Tue, 06 Nov 2018
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