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Novelis Launches High Strength Automotive Aluminum Product

Metal News - Published on Mon, 05 Aug 2019

Image Source: Novelis
Novelis Inc announced the launch of Advanz™ 6HS-s650, a precisely engineered aluminum automotive body sheet product that exceeds industry standards for strength, lightweighting, formability, performance and structural integrity. It is the strongest 6xxx series product with a 15 to 25 percent in-service strength advantage over incumbent high strength aluminum alloys and exhibits excellent crash behavior and corrosion resistance.

Available globally as part of the Novelis Advanz™ product portfolio, 6HS-s650 demonstrates the company’s commitment to collaborating with customers to deliver a variety of strong, formable and lightweight aluminum products that are driving the future of the automotive industry. It is targeted for applications demanding high in-service strength, such as A and B pillars, floors, tunnels, rockers, side impact door beams, bumper beams, roof rail inserts, underbody frames and electric battery enclosures’ components.

For many applications, 6HS-s650 enables a reduction of process costs and complexity by eliminating post-form heat treatment while enabling up to 45 percent lighter weight than high strength steels. 6HS-s650 joins effectively with other automotive structural materials and provides longer-term flexibility in the supply chain due to superior shelf life characteristics.

Mr Pierre Labat, Vice President Automotive, Novelis Inc said that “Automakers demand the highest-strength solutions for substantial lightweighting, and s650 meets that requirement in a very efficient way. By providing a product that is stronger than existing aluminum alloys without sacrificing formability, automotive designers and engineers will have even more flexibility to lightweight the cars, trucks and SUVs of the future.”

Recently, Novelis has commercialized 6HS-s650 as part of its Alumineering™ electric vehicle battery enclosure solution and as a structural component for a major electric vehicle platform.

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Posted By : Ratan Singh on Mon, 05 Aug 2019
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