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Metal News - Published on Mon, 09 Sep 2019

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STAS INC and FOUNDRY ECOCER have signed a mutual agreement to market and sell complementary products in order to offer a competitive edge to aluminium foundries and casthouses world-wide. They expect this collaboration to further develop their market and improve their product and technologies. The two businesses are industry-leaders in aluminium casthouse and foundry technology and products.

STAS INC is based in Saguenay, Quebec, Canada and has been designing and supplying casthouse technologies and equipment since 1989 in order to improve productivity and quality of aluminium. FOUNDRY ECOCER stands as one of the major Italian companies for the production of consumables and equipment for non-ferrous alloys foundries and casthouses.

Both offer services that are correlated to each other. FOUNDRY ECOCER produces consumables such as top-quality coating and different kinds of fluxes used to refine molten aluminium. For STAS, this partnership falls in line with its vision of becoming a key supplier of innovative, integrated solutions for the global aluminium industry.

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Posted By : Rabi Wangkhem on Mon, 09 Sep 2019
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