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Tajikistan to increase production of aluminium this year

Metal News - Published on Thu, 05 Feb 2015

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Mr Sharif Rakhimzoda, Tajikistan’s Minister of Economic Development and Trade, declared that the country plans to increase its aluminium output to 190,000 tonnes from the 121,000 tonnes produced the previous year.

The ministry had declared an estimated production of 150,000 tonnes of aluminium last year but the target could not be fulfilled as the aluminium prices started falling globally in 2014, with an average price of USD 1,870 per tonne.

The minister said that Tajikistan Aluminium Company has joined hands with the Norwegian aluminium producer Hydro and together they will be able to improve TALCO’s production and sale of the metal.

TALCO is the largest state owned aluminium producer in Tajikistan with the overall capacity of producing 500,000 tonnes of aluminium per year. The company is a prime entity in the country’s economy contributing 45% to the GDP and 90% to the foreign exchange earnings. In 2014, Tajikistan exported 125, 000 tonnes of aluminium earning a total of USD 234 million.

On January 14, an agreement between the Tajik government and the Export Import Bank of China was approved by the Tajik parliament allowing the concessional loan required for constructing a cryolite plant, an aluminium fluoride plant and a sulphuric acid plant as a part of TALCO’s modernization plan.

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Posted By : admin on Thu, 05 Feb 2015
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