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AIM Exploration update of India Steel Policy

Mining News - Published on Thu, 28 Dec 2017

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AIM Exploration Inc announced that as the year comes to an end we are updating our shareholders, during the year we elected to cancel the agreement we set up in Dubai as the sales were just not coming in the time frame we had expected. Subsequently, the Company has received multiple requests from buyers for a sampling of the purity of our anthracite for the purpose of pricing and possible purchase orders to sell and ship coal.

The Company did another lab analysis done last year by SGS labs which included SGS actually visiting the mine site and sapling 900 KG of coal. This has led the company to now perform additional testing with SGS and potential buyers who also would like to visit the mine site and view our entire logistics.

In addition, the Company has been receiving more requests for samples than last year and previous years before.

The Company has issued a material event to request a name change from AIM Exploration Inc. to AIM Energy Inc. The name change hopes to reflect the broader scope of the business plan of the Company in the years to come.

While the name change is completed in the State of Nevada, it cannot be reflected until FINRA approval is received.

The Company board members have met worldwide coal buyers recently and there is a great deal of interest.

While no firm pricing has been established for our coal, the Alibaba prices for clean anthracite has a new price range of USD 400 to USD 1000 per metric ton. Calcined Anthracite on Alibaba now ranges from USD 1000 to USD 3500 per ton.

The anthracite coal that the Company has on the property is high quality with and is suitable for water filtration, high heat for forging steels and for high-grade aluminum blends.

The Company has issued a share structure change to be aligned with the market capitalization and the share structure that potential suitors desire for a working relationship in the capacity of being subsidiarized, ease of accounting if a partnership is to occur, or a synergistic partial or wholly owned subsidiarization or amalgamation of private and/or public companies in the energy sector. This is not a forward-looking statement of any merger or acquisition.

The Company continues to have more trips slated in 2018 for meetings with coal experts and we are very hopeful the ensuing year will prove to be a great year for AIM.

The Company is an Anthracite coal mining and exploration company and plans to mine 1,000 hectares of land. Putting this into perspective 1,000 hectares is 3 times the size of Central Park. We have expertise in business, mining, and legal with our distinguished board of directors. We have amicable relationships with all parties involved in mining in Peru. We are a SEC reporting publicly traded company with the symbol.

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Posted By : Rabi Wangkhem on Thu, 28 Dec 2017
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