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Altiplano Metals achieves higher graces, lower dilution and reduced costs at the historic Farellon CU-AU mine in Chile

Mining News - Published on Fri, 23 Nov 2018

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Altiplano Metals Inc a mineral exploration company focused on evaluating and acquiring projects with significant potential for advancement from discovery through to production, in Canada and abroad, reported results from a revised extraction plan designed to test viability of operations based on the current environment of lower copper prices, at the historic Farellon Copper-Gold Mine near La Serena, Chile. CEO Mr John Williamson stated, “We would like to thank Salvatore Peralta for his contributions and wish him well in his Ph.D. studies. Since his departure, we have developed a six-month operating plan to determine viability of extraction at lower copper prices. Results from the latest 2,445 tonnes extracted during October show considerable improvement through minimizing dilution and reducing costs. With the latest cost reductions, increased productivity, and higher recoveries achieved at the treatment plant, we are well positioned to benefit from potentially increased copper prices in the medium term.”

During October, the extraction of 2,445 tonnes of material from the 401M and 395M levels yielded an average grade of 1.50% copper. These results show an improvement of 0.4% Copper compared with previous averages during August-September. Based on early 2018 results from this section of the mine, further improvement of grades is expected.

To combat dilution, where possible, lower grade shoulders are being left on the walls and only the higher- grade portions are being extracted. As a result, copper recoveries during processing have increased to 94.9%. This current phase of mineral extraction focuses on grade control and is planned to run into January 2019. The intention is to test operational capability to extract copper-gold material during a lower price environment and further refine costs structures.

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Posted By : Nanda Koijam on Fri, 23 Nov 2018
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