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Avrupa Minerals announces positive drilling results

Mining News - Published on Thu, 27 Sep 2018

Image Source: The StreetWise Reports
Avrupa Minerals Ltd. report final results from the recently-completed first pass, exploration drill project at the Alvito iron oxide copper-gold (IOCG) Project in south Portugal. The program totaled 2,437.5 meters of diamond drilling from 18 holes in eight separate target areas around the Alvito license. All Project work has been funded by OZ Minerals, who are spending AUD 1 million on exploration to earn-in to 51% of the 300-square kilometer Project. Avrupa is the operator of the program. Anomalous copper results from all sampling are reported in the table below. The Company sampled several holes in their entirety, but most sampling covered only areas of continuous, visible mineralization and alteration in the drill holes. Several holes were not sampled in this phase of the program.

The best overall consistent results came from the Entre Matinhas target area where copper values in six of eight holes came in at 0.1% and greater over intervals of 1.5 meters to 86 meters.

Highest grade intervals included:
86.3 meters @ 0.16% copper, including 9.8 meters @ 0.41% copper, in EMS001
21.4 meters @ 0.1% copper in EMS002
2.55 meters @ 0.91% copper in EMS003
44.65 meters @ 0.21% copper, including 7.1 meters @ 1.0% in EMS005
5.25 meters @ 0.31% copper in EMS006
4.45 meters @ 0.46% copper in EMS008

Anomalous intervals in other target areas include:
4.7 meters @ 0.13% copper in EAM001
7.8 meters @ 0.11% copper in EAM002
10 meters @ 0.11% copper in OUT001

Mineralization style and alteration patterns at Entre Matinhas fit into the general characteristics and parameters for IOCG deposits. This first-pass drilling program covered only a limited area at shallow depths over 300 square kilometers, yet results clearly demonstrate real, close-to-surface potential for IOCG mineralization in a well-defined, easily prospectable target area.

Further IOCG-style mineralization and alteration are present in the Manisela target area, located north of Entre Matinhas, and at Entre as Matas, located northeast of Entre Matinhas (see following location map). First-pass geological mapping and ground geophysics suggest that the area to the west of Entre Matinhas and Manisela may also host IOCG possibilities in the Vale da Rata, Nogueira, Vale Nogueira, and 1440 target areas. The total area of the resulting, preferred IOCG target interest is approximately 20 square kilometers.

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Posted By : Rabi Wangkhem on Thu, 27 Sep 2018
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