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Calibre Mining Reports Results from B2Gold Drilling Program at El Limon Vein System

Mining News - Published on Tue, 05 Nov 2019

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Calibre Mining Corp has reported 2018 and 2019 drilling results from El Limon. B2Gold Corp was successful in extending gold mineralization along the El Limon vein system for over 2.5 kilometres, with high-grade intercepts at Limon Sur, Limon Central, Limon Norte, Tigra, Chaparral and Cacao vein system, as well as from the newly-developed Atravesada and Panteon underground targets. Mr Russell Ball, Chief Executive Officer of Calibrer, said “The El Limon district has produced over 3.4 million ounces of gold and I am confident that we are in a truly world-class, low-sulphidation epithermal system. B2Gold's recent drilling intercepted high-grade mineralization over substantial widths and these targets represent an excellent opportunity to expand reserves and resources, both at depth and along strike. Calibre will commence drilling at Limon Norte in early November."

Highlights and Key Drill Intercepts

Limon Central - Drilling returned high-grade gold intercepts from the Limon Central open-pit zone, including 9.19 g/t Au over 28.10m Estimated True Width in hole LIM-18-4227; o 10.53 g/t Au over 23.60m ETW in hole LIM-18-4327; o 8.66 g/t Au over 26.40m ETW in hole LIM-18-4235; and o 9.45 g/t Au over 22.92m ETW in hole LIM-18-4251.

Limon Norte - Drilling returned high-grade gold intercepts from the Limon Norte open-pit zone, including 10.82 g/t Au over 20.42m ETW in hole LIM-18-4359; o 9.66 g/t Au over 20.63m ETW in hole LIM-18-4267; o 20.24 g/t Au over 8.95m ETW in hole LIM-18-4363; o 5.49 g/t Au over 32.31 m ETW in hole LIM-18-4361; o 6.54 g/t Au over 12.00m ETW in hole LIM-18-4241; and o 9.00 g/t Au over 6.42m ETW in hole LIM-18-4262.

Tigra - Drilling returned high-grade gold intercepts from the Tigra open-pit zone, including 16.50 g/t Au over 6.08m ETW in hole LIM-18-4272; and o 17.97 g/t Au over 5.55m ETW in hole LIM-18-4281.

Chapparal - Drilling returned high-grade gold intercepts from the Chapparal open-pit zone, including 14.28 g/t Au over 7.30m ETW in hole LIM-18-4237; and o 2.99 g/t Au over 25.47m ETW in hole LIM-18-4232.

Cacao - Drilling returned high-grade gold intercepts from the Cacao open-pit zone, including 6.82 g/t Au over 4.56m ETW in hole LIM-18-4374; and o 4.56 g/t Au over 4.08m ETW in hole LIM-18-4300.

Atravesada - Drilling returned high-grade gold intercepts from the Atravesada underground target, including 31.38 g/t Au over 2.68m ETW in hole LIM-18-4302; o 18.42 g/t Au over 4.07m ETW in hole LIM-18-4351; and o 51.65 g/t Au over 1.19m ETW in hole LIM-18-4358.

Panteon - Drilling returned high-grade gold intercepts from the Panteon underground target, including 10.62 g/t Au over 5.44m ETW in hole LIM-19-4400; and o 7.96 g/t Au over 7.17m ETW in hole LIM-19-4397.

Calibre is currently processing ore at El Limon from the Santa Pancha underground mine and an open-pit developed on the Limon Central deposit, which covers approximately 500 metres of the known 2.5-kilometre-long El Limon vein system. The El Limon vein system remains open along strike and at depth.

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Posted By : Rabi Wangkhem on Tue, 05 Nov 2019
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