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Coro Mining Marimaca announces exploration update

Mining News - Published on Mon, 11 Feb 2019

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Coro Mining Corp announced an update for the Company’s Marimaca Project in the Antofagasta Region of Chile. The first 21 RC holes totalling 6,750 metres have been drilled at Atahualpa and have confirmed the northward extension of copper oxide mineralization from that previously defined at Marimaca 1-23 and La Atómica. The Marimaca deposit has now been shown to be continuous over a strike length in excess of 1,000 metres and remains open to the north. As previously announced on November 27, 2018, underground workings at Atahualpa have been sampled and mineralization is known to be present for at least a further 250 metres beyond the current drill pattern. Marimaca averages in excess of 500 metres in width, narrowing to the south, and leachable mineralization averages 50 to 200 metres in thickness.

Hole ATR-03
From 6 to 84 metres, 78 metres of copper oxide mineralization averaging 0.62% CuT
Hole ATR-04 (extending to Marimaca 1-23 model area)
From 2 to 122 metres, 120 metres of copper oxide and lesser enriched sulphide mineralization averaging 1.09% CuT

Hole ATR-05
From 54 to 116 metres, 62 metres of copper oxide and lesser mixed mineralization averaging 0.61% CuT
From 174 to 248 metres, 74 metres of mixed and enriched copper mineralization averaging 1.06% CuT

Hole ATR-07
From 0 to 106 metres, 106 metres of copper oxide and mixed mineralization averaging 0.89% CuT

Hole ATR-09
From 50 to 106 metres, 56 metres of copper oxide and mixed mineralization averaging 1.03% CuT

Commenting on the results, Luis Tondo, CEO of Coro stated: “We are delighted that the first batch of drill results at Atahualpa, the area adjacent and to the north of Marimaca, has confirmed that the copper oxide mineralized zones extend on to the Atahualpa claims. This is an important milestone for the project because we are now demonstrating the real potential of a larger resource at Marimaca, surpassing that established in the Phase I program. As the Phase II program continues and expands, we look forward to releasing more results confirming the continued growth of the Marimaca Project.”

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Posted By : Rabi Wangkhem on Mon, 11 Feb 2019
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