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Emerita Resources Announces Favourable Ruling on Aznalcollar Project Appeal in Spain

Mining News - Published on Wed, 09 Oct 2019

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Emerita Resources Corp announced that five judges of the Appellate Court of Seville have unanimously ruled in favour of Emerita’s appeal of the lower court’s decision to dismiss a criminal case against the Andalusian government panel responsible for awarding the Aznalcollar project and the former Director of Mines of the Government of Andalucia. The Project was the subject of a multistage public tender process that the Appellate Court has concluded, based on a lengthy and detailed police investigation was wrongfully awarded to Minorbis-Grupo Mexico.

According to Spanish Counsel, laws relating to public tenders in Spain stipulate that if there is commission of a crime in the awarding of a public tender the bid shall be disqualified and the tender will be awarded to the next qualified bidder. In the case of the Project, Emerita is the only qualified bidder.

Among other points raised in the lengthy ruling by the Appellate Court were the following:

Minorbis-GM was patently in breach of the requirements of the first phase of the tender, for various reasons, such that their bid should have been disqualified and not allowed to proceed to the next phase. The Panel committed an illegal act in allowing the incomplete bid to proceed to subsequent steps in the process.

Refers to facts as 'patent illegality' and 'gross and crude illegality’, in that Minorbis was nothing more than an instrument for delivering the Project to a third party for financial consideration, in a manner contrary to the law and that members of the Panel were aware of this maneuver from the beginning.

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Posted By : Rabi Wangkhem on Wed, 09 Oct 2019
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