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Gensource Potash completes drilling program for its Vanguard One Project

Mining News - Published on Wed, 11 Jan 2017

Image Source: CNW Group
Gensource Potash announced that as of January 4th, 2017, it has successfully completed the two well exploration drilling program in its 100% owned Vanguard project area. The program builds upon the two wells drilled on the property in 2012, and will enable Gensource to advance the determination of the resource extent, grade, and ultimately allow for updating and issuing of a revised NI 43-101 report.

Mike Ferguson, Gensource’s President & CEO commented: “It is a significant milestone for Gensource to successfully complete our exploration drilling program, and retrieve the full core from the Prairie Evaporite from both drilling locations. We are proud to say that the work was accomplished safely, with no reportable incidents during the program, and initial observations of the core look very promising.”

Assay data from samples of core from Well #1 are expected very shortly and further information will be provided once the data has been analysed.

With respect to Well #2, a full Prairie Evaporite core of 67m was retrieved. Upon initial inspection, the core from the Well #2 is similar to that of the first well, and reveals that:
All three members of the Prairie Evaporite (Patience Lake, Belle Plaine and Esterhazy) are present and intact.
Thicknesses of the three members are consistent with adjacent wells, meeting and exceeding expectations.
Significant Sylvinite mineralization is present, especially the Patience Lake and Belle Plaine Members.

The core was securely transported to Saskatoon where it is being logged. Once logged, the core will be sampled and the samples will be crushed and assayed to provide chemical composition data, most specifically KCl grade.

Additional Highlights from the second well include:
67m of 3.5” diameter core cut and retrieved from the Prairie Evaporite Formation. Of the 67m, the three target potash bearing members of the formation aggregated approximately 40m.
Total vertical depth: 1,559m
19 days on site and over 4600 man-hours worked with zero injuries and zero reportable incidents.
Several geophysical logs were run including hole volume, directional, neutron-density-PE, induction, spectral gamma ray, dipole sonic, and cement bond logs. These logs are run to help characterize the geological formation in terms of potash grade and density/porosity of the various formations logged.

Gensource is based in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and is focused on developing the next potash production facility in that province. Gensource’s President and CEO, Mike Ferguson, P.Eng., has assembled a management and technical team with direct and specific expertise and experience in potash development in Saskatchewan.

Gensource operates under a business plan that has two key components – vertical integration with the market to ensure that all production capacity built is directed to a specific market, eliminating market-side risk; and, technical innovation which will allow for a small and economic potash production facility, the output of which can then be directed to a single, specific market.

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Posted By : Rabi Wangkhem on Wed, 11 Jan 2017
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