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Manganese X Energy announces quarterly update

Mining News - Published on Mon, 15 Apr 2019

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Manganese X Energy Corp announced a quarterly review and update of our projects, goals and accomplishments. We are very encouraged to have achieved some major milestones and look forward to an even better second quarter.

National Research Council Canada Project
Potential to Ore Upgrading and Purification Techniques Study to Produce Battery Grade Material: Manganese X has received a very encouraging report on the Project including the combination of gravity, flotation and magnetic separation techniques which were employed. This would include a flow sheet with significant developments especially to upgrade our ore from Battery Hill to Produce Battery Grade Material. Best results were from flotation tests and techniques including a Mn concentrate grading 19.5% Mn, a 40% increase relative to the average ore grade. These results complement our current efforts to develop a competitive flow sheet as we continue to improve the purity of our manganese compounds for use in batteries. We continue our quest to achieve 99.9999% purity and are optimistic of success.

Kemetco Research Inc
As previously announced, Manganese X Energy in collaboration with Kemetco Research Inc. was able to produce manganese sulfate with a purity exceeding 99.6% and with very low levels of base and alkali metals. The Company and Kemetco are moving forward with the purification process and are currently outlining the next phase of the project aimed at producing high-purity (>99.9%) battery-grade manganese compounds for use in different types of battery chemistries (e.g. Li-ion and alkaline).

Battery Hill Property (New Brunswick):
Peter Lake Copper Nickel Project (Quebec):
We are pleased to announce the commencement of an extensive exploration program starting May 15th or sooner depending on weather conditions. We will first evaluate priority surface anomalies (induced polarization (IP), copper-nickel-cobalt soil anomalies and indicated extensions of the known North and South occurrences) through detailed prospecting and geologic surveys and then proceed with trenching with dynamiting where surface conditions permit. This initial work will be quickly followed by a significant drill program.

Mountain Spring Oil and Gas Limited (MSOG):
MSOG has informed the Company last week that MSOG has received approval of financing for their oil and gas acquisition and is awaiting finalization and possession of the property This established cash bearing oil and gas property has a complete infrastructure on all of the existing and future production and is under a closed contract located in western Canada. Manganese X presently owns 15 % of MSOG.

The company has an option of increasing ownership in MSOG with an additional 10% interest upon MSOG completing its current acquisition and with Manganese X Board approval.

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Posted By : Rabi Wangkhem on Mon, 15 Apr 2019
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