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Meridian Mining granted 3 additional water permits

Mining News - Published on Mon, 18 Feb 2019

Image Source: Sentient Equity Partners
Meridian Mining SE announced that it has been granted three additional water permits by SEDAM (Secretary of State for Environmental Development, Rondonia, Brazil), valid until 31st of January 2024, to use with a rotating wet screen ("trommel") at the Antonio Gomes, Francisco/Aragatuba and Julio Mundi prospects within its Espigao Manganese project. The Company already has one field trommel at the Vitalino prospect where it operates on a continuous basis, uninterrupted by the wet season conditions.

The highlighted benefits of the three new Permits together with the Company's one existing water permit are:
Expands the catchment areas to mine and pre-process manganese from during future wet seasons;
• Provides for 4 permitted areas to centralise medium and long-term mining scheduling;
• Enables the Company to efficiently supply pre-concentrate manganese to the Jaburi plant during future wet seasons.
By the granting of the new Permits (Fig 1) the Company has now secured a broader footprint across the Project to operate a trommel(s) during future wet seasons. Each of the permits allows the Company to draw up to 100m3/hr of water to use in the washing and preconcentration of manganese. The future pre-concentrated material produced by the field trommel(s) will be then trucked to the Company's principal processing plant Jaburi.

The volume of pre-concentrated manganese produced by the Vitalino trommel can be less than 80% of the original feed material. As the volume of material that the Jaburi plant was original designed to process was based on larger volumes of "raw feed”, it has in effect excess capacity when processing the Vitalino pre-concentrate. At the end of January, management took the decision to re-configure the Rio Madeira plant and for it to operate solely as a centralised washing plant. The combined feed of pre-concentrated manganese from two wash plants allows the Jaburi plant to operate at near capacity. The jigs at the Rio Madeira plant will be maintained for contingency purposes only.

Mr Clark, Interim CEO & President, states, "The Company has commenced 2019 with a fresh outlook that has been complemented by these three additional water permits being granted by SEDAM. The challenges and lessons learned by operating the Vitalino field trommel will be used for future wet season operations now facilitated by the granting of the Permits"

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Posted By : Rabi Wangkhem on Mon, 18 Feb 2019
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