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Saint Jean Carbon Announces Five Spin off Companies

Mining News - Published on Tue, 02 Jul 2019

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Saint Jean Carbon Inc announced that the Company over the next 12 to 18 months will spin off five of the Company's internal technology projects to new companies that are fully independent of Saint Jean. Every shareholder will receive a one for one share in each of the new companies by way of dividend from the new companies. Each transaction will be subject to regulatory approval. This strategy has been evolving within the Company now for three years. The demand on the human resources is being pushed to a point where it makes sense to build a team for each company that are experts in their field that can provide the necessary guidance and growth plans.

The five companies to be spun out of Saint Jean are;

1. High Speed Graphene Production and product development. Specifically for polymers and epoxies that can be used in a multitude of industries worldwide. The opportunity here is for the new company to focus on the significant demands from the graphene markets and be a part of all the new technologies that are expected to rollout over the coming years.

2. Cathode Chemistry Production for lithium ion batteries. Specifically for the high end North American battery manufacturers of specialty batteries for a number of growing industries. The opportunity here is for the new company to not only provide today's demands but work on the forefront of all the new cathode chemistries being developed for the electrical vehicle industry.

3. Salt Water Battery Production. The plan to match energy density one to one with lithium ion batteries is becoming closer to reality. The new company will work to finish developing batteries for stationary applications and mobile applications secondarily. The opportunity here is for the new company to solve the big environmental issue with lithium batteries by creating more economical and very environmentally friendly energy storage.

4. Glucose Monitoring with the use of graphene. The company will take the 6 year long project and finish the clinical trials and bring the product to market. The further opportunity is to allow the system to monitor all types of other applications, concrete stress, and steel structure stress to name a few. The opportunity here is for the new company to be able to apply the technology application to almost any product/material that needs to be monitored at the atomic level, basically recognizing structural disaster before it happens.

5. Energy Creation through the use of carbon graphene nano dots. The research and lab work over the last three years shows promise to greatly improve the photovoltaic value of solar energy throughput. Energy storage is important, creating clean green energy is even more important. The opportunity here is for the new company to be a part of the global goal to reduce carbon emissions by developing super-efficient solar energy capture.

However, the strategy will allow Saint Jean to continue to focus on anode raw materials and the production of spherically carbon coated anode specific materials and the eventual full line of production of the actual finished anodes. This focus has been the main market push for the corporation for many years with the in-house capabilities of both equipment and human resources; the Company believes this strategy can be accelerated.

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Posted By : Amom Remju on Tue, 02 Jul 2019
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