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Stina plans vanadium drilling in central NV

Mining News - Published on Thu, 07 Dec 2017

Image Source: Elko Daily
Elko Daily reported that as worldwide interest in vanadium grows with the battery storage industry, Stina Resources Ltd announced to commence a comprehensive drilling and exploration program in early spring 2018 on the Bisoni McKay and Bisoni-Rio properties in central Nevada.

Mr Brian Stecyk president of Stina said that "Now that this preliminary work has been completed, an application for exploration permits will be submitted before the end of the year, so drilling and other work can begin as early as possible in 2018.”

Stina holds a total of 4,115 acres at Bisoni McKay and Bisoni-Rio. Stina's Bisoni McKay property is a high-grade, pure play vanadium project in the Vanadium Belt of Central Nevada, which hosts an important concentration of single-product vanadium deposits in North America.

Past exploration drilling reveals the occurrence of high grade vanadium pentoxide in the primary (carbonaceous shale) mineralized material, which contains the largest vanadium resource on the property. Several drill holes completed in primary mineralization suggests the deposit is open at depth in some areas. A supergene enrichment zone of up to 35 feet in width has been identified immediately below the Redox zone.

Stina's motivation for developing vanadium land assets in central Nevada stems from a growing world-wide interest in vanadium. Vanadium has been primarily used for steel production but now new uses such as an electricity storage media in vanadium redox flow batteries is accelerating demand for the metal. This trend is anticipated to continue as grid-scale energy storage becomes more and more prevalent as the new technology is adopted. The U.S. Department of Energy reports that there are 59 vanadium redox battery installations throughout the world.

Vanadium most commonly occurs in association with other metals forming complex mineral deposits such as titaniferous magnetite and uranium-vanadium deposits where vanadium is mined as a co-product. This results in vanadium extraction being dependent on the economic value of other commodities.

In June of this year, 164 new claims covering 3,361 acres (Bisoni-Rio) were registered. This consolidates ownership of the land along the Vanadium Belt between the north end of the Bisoni McKay Project and the southern boundary of the Gibellini property, owned by Prophecy Development Corp. The combined area under claim in Bisoni McKay and Bisoni-Rio is 4,115 acres.

Mr Tony Hammond, geologic consultant to Stina said that "The objective is to determine the best location from which to drill to intercept the carbonaceous shale contact and extract representative samples of high-grade vanadium material to be processed at a pilot plant.” He added that “Likewise, this exercise will assist in the design of the next round of exploration drilling aimed at expanding and consolidating the measured and indicated resources."

The final activity of the summer season was reclamation of old surface disturbances requested by the Bureau of Land Management.

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Posted By : Rabi Wangkhem on Thu, 07 Dec 2017
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