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Vale informs about Sul Superior dam of the Gongo Soco mine

Mining News - Published on Mon, 11 Feb 2019

Image Source: The Guardian
Brazil's National Mining Agency (ANM), determined the evacuation of the downstream area of the Sul Superior dam of the Gongo Soco mine, in Barão dos Cocais, Minas Gerais, Brazil, after being advised by Vale that it was starting level 1 of the Emergency Action Plan for Mining Dams (PAEBM). Vale highlights that it is a preventive measure and has been taken after Walm, a consulting company, had denied issuing the Stability Condition Statement to the referred structure.

In the early hours of this Friday morning (8/2/19), the action was deployed and it will involve about 500 people from the communities of Socorro, Tabuleiro and Piteiras, all located in the city of Barão de Cocais, 100 km from Belo Horizonte.

As a safety measure, Vale is intensifying the inspections of the Sul Superior dam. It will also install a piece of equipment that can detect even the slightest movements in the structure. Next Sunday, 10/2, Vale is bringing international advisors for a new evaluation of the situation.

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Posted By : Rabi Wangkhem on Mon, 11 Feb 2019
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