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Vale ion ore production overview for Q2

Mining News - Published on Sat, 01 Aug 2015

Excluding Samarco’s attributable production of 3.6 Mt, Vale’s pellet production in 2Q15 was 12.2 Mt – a historical production record, due to the good performance of the Oman and the Vargem Grande pellet plants.

Southeastern system
Production at the Tubarão pellet plants – Nibrasco, Kobrasco, Hispanobras, Itabrasco and Tubarão VIII – reached 7.2 Mt in 2Q15, 1.1% higher than in 1Q15 and 23.7% higher than in 2Q14, mostly due to the good operational performance of Hispanobras.

Southern system
The Fábrica pellet plant produced 1.0 Mt of pellets in 2Q15, 11.3% higher than in 1Q15 given the better availability of pellet feed and 27.2% higher than in 2Q14 as a result of maintenance stoppage in the plant in the same period of last year. The Vargem Grande pellet output reached the historical record of 1.7 Mt, 9.9% and 25.6% higher than in 1Q15 and in 2Q14 respectively, due to the higher productivity of the plant.

Oman operations
The Oman operation produced 2.4Mt of direct reduction pellets in 2Q15, 27.7% higher than in 1Q15, reaching an all-time record after resuming production following a maintenance stoppage in February 2015.

In 2Q15 Samarco´s attributable production was 3.6 Mt, 4.2% and 22.0% higher than in 1Q15 and 2Q14, respectively, as a result of the higher availability of pellet feed in 2Q15.

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Posted By : Robert W. on Sat, 01 Aug 2015
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