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Canadian Government Backs First Bifacial Solar Panel Facility In Alberta

Power News - Published on Thu, 31 Jan 2019

Image Source: CleanTechnica
Clean Technica reported that the Suffield Solar Project in southern Alberta will be the first solar power plant to feature bifacial solar panels. Patrick Bateman, director of policy and market development for the Canadian Solar Industries Association says, “Bi-facial photovoltaic technology is a great fit for Southern Alberta. In summer, the prairies receive more hours of sunlight than Miami. In winter, snow cover on the ground acts as a mirror and the energy in the reflected light is captured by this innovative technology.”

The Suffield Solar Project will also employ solar tracking technology that keeps the solar panels pointed toward the sun during the day. The combination of bifacial panels and solar tracking is expected to increase the energy output of the project by 10 to 15% compared to conventional installations.

Mr John Gorman CEO of CSIA said that “It is essential that Canada’s energy and electricity sectors continue to be in the leading pack globally for innovation. That includes our renewable and non-renewable energy resource sectors. Alberta is Canada’s energy capital for oil and gas. Now solar energy is becoming a new source of jobs and investment for the province.”

The Suffield installation is supported by Canada’s Emerging Renewable Power Program. It will have a maximum output of 23 megawatts, enough to power 7,400 Canadian homes. It will provide 250 jobs for construction workers while it is being built.

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Posted By : Rabi Wangkhem on Thu, 31 Jan 2019
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