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Completion of Review of Belgian Nuclear Provisions by the CNP

Power News - Published on Wed, 18 Dec 2019

Image Source: Synatom Electrabeland ENGIE
Synatom, of Electrabeland ENGIE, received on December 12 the decision of the Commission for Nuclear Provisions reassessing the required provisions for dismantling of Belgian nuclear power plants and nuclear waste management. As a reminder, the April 11, 2003 Belgian law mandates Synatom to manage nuclear provisions that are required to cover

the final shutdown and dismantling of nuclear power plants;
the management of nuclear waste until transferred to the Belgian National Agency for Radioactive Waste and Enriched Fissile Material (ONDRAF).

In accordance with Belgian law, nuclear provisions are re-evaluated every three years. The CNP submitted its findings on December 12, 2019 on the detailed assessment prepared by Synatom which takes into account:
the update of macroeconomic assumptions (inflation and discount rates) and expenses, (some of which will occur in more than 70 years);
the impact of the new baseline scenario for the long-term management of Category B and C nuclear waste (medium and high activity) in Belgium as agreed by ONDRAF in June 20181 ;
the scenario developed for the final shutdown and dismantling of nuclear power plants and for the management of nuclear waste on the basis of industrial experience and learnings, including in the ongoing dismantling in Germany.

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Posted By : Arun Huidrom on Wed, 18 Dec 2019
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