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innogy and BCM Energy signed innovative PPA in France

Power News - Published on Thu, 24 Jan 2019

Image Source: Renewables Now
For a new generation of customers, environmental sustainability and social responsibility are increasingly important criteria when they choose what they buy and who to buy from. This applies in particular when it comes to buying green electricity. Here traceability is key, i.e. tracking of renewable electricity back to the source of its generation. German energy company innogy SE and French renewable energy trader BCM Energy SAS through its energy supplier Planète OUI respond to the increasing demand for traceability of renewable electricity.

Both companies have signed an innovative Power Purchase Agreement (PPA): from the beginning of 2019, innogy will provide all electricity and associated green credentials produced by its French hydro power plant in Courlon to BCM Energy. Through its Planète OUI brand, BCM Energy will sell this 100% renewable electricity to customers. This collaboration enables BCM Energy to take the lead in driving innovative customer offerings in the French retail energy market. The term of the agreement is at least two years with an option to extend the cooperation and the number of included renewable assets with innogy. Both sides have agreed to maintain confidentiality regarding the conditions of the PPA.

Mr Hans Bünting, Chief Operating Officer Renewables of innogy SE said that At the moment, the standard is to buy and sell power via the power exchange and the green credentials on separate markets. Combining both as a bundled proposition makes this ideal for customers, as the entire value chain from the production of renewable electricity through to the end-use supply is now in the hands of only two parties. We are very happy to team up with a partner that has an innovative perspective on the French retail energy market. Innovation is in our DNA, which makes us a good match for BCM Energy as it delivers direct access to customers.

Mr Albert Codinach, CEO BCM Energy SAS said that “The expansion of renewables and rising demand for green electricity require new ways of managing the supply to end-consumers. We need more flexibility, we need to manage production and consumption directly and in real-time. This is what BCM Energy, through its brand Planète OUI, is implementing for the first time in 2019 with its production partner innogy. This new and unique innovative offering has been made possible thanks to the willingness of innogy to go beyond standard methods of marketing its hydro power plants. We will increase the number of such contracts in order to directly and sustainably deliver 100% green supply in real time. This is a necessity if we intend to install an electric system running with more renewable power plants .”

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Posted By : Rabi Wangkhem on Thu, 24 Jan 2019
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