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Invenergy Launches Invenergy Edge to Serve Large Facility and Fleet Owners

Power News - Published on Fri, 08 Nov 2019

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Invenergy announced the launch of its new business, Invenergy Edge, to serve industrial and public sector facility and fleet owners with intelligent energy management. Leveraging Invenergy’s technology-agnostic approach, end-to-end capabilities and cost-saving scale advantages, Invenergy Edge simplifies decision making for large energy consumers and addresses unprecedented market demand for energy sustainability, power reliability, and fleet electrification.

Invenergy Edge does not own specific technology or services that it is obligated to sell to customers and has end-to-end capabilities ranging from initial consultation to the design, construction, financing and operation of cost-effective projects. With industry-leading monitoring and management provided by the 24/7 Invenergy Control Center, customers’ assets are constantly monitored and fully optimized in response to changing market dynamics to generate additional revenue. The Invenergy Edge Customer Portal provides real-time visibility and tools to inform decision-making for facilities or fleets. Invenergy Edge leverages a world-class team of technical experts with a reputation for excellence in execution and an understanding of the critical importance of minimizing interruption to business operations.

Whether through onsite solar, generators and fuel cells, energy storage, load management, smart controls, electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure, market interaction or off-site renewables procurement, Invenergy Edge is a one-stop-shop for turnkey energy solutions that meet the unique needs of facility and fleet owners across geographies. For customers facing challenges with energy supply, Invenergy Edge can increase resiliency and reliability in the face of natural disasters, grid disruptions or planned shutoffs.

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Posted By : Rabi Wangkhem on Fri, 08 Nov 2019
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