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LevelTen Energy Expands Renewable Energy Marketplace

Power News - Published on Wed, 09 Oct 2019

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LevelTen Energy announced the expansion of its two-sided renewable energy procurement marketplace to Europe. The LevelTen Marketplace now has projects available across Europe, including the UK, Ireland, France, Spain, Netherlands, Germany, and Italy. LevelTen's Marketplace, an online platform that launched in North America in early 2018, reduces the cost, complexity, and risk of renewable energy power purchase agreements (PPAs) by offering advanced analytics, standard documentation, and process best practices to both buyers and sellers. Since the platform's launch, Fortune 500 companies have procured more than one billion dollars of clean energy using LevelTen's technology.

The expansion of the Marketplace to Europe comes at a critical time for corporate energy buying. According to BloombergNEF, European companies doubled their PPA activity from 2017 to 2018. Companies of all sizes are expanding their global footprints and with that comes a responsibility to address energy consumption in a financially and environmentally sustainable way. LevelTen's transparency, deep data sets, and unique aggregation and portfolio models address that need by helping corporations procure more safely and efficiently across the globe.

Mr Bryce Smith, founder and CEO of LevelTen Energy said that "We're committed to making the global renewable energy market more accessible, transparent, and efficient. By opening our Marketplace to European developers and buyers, we're following through on our mission to expand renewable markets by dramatically improving the transactions."

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Posted By : Rabi Wangkhem on Wed, 09 Oct 2019
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