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Proserv & Synaptec Sign Strategic Alliance Agreement

Power News - Published on Thu, 15 Oct 2020

Image Source: Proserv Synaptec
Leading controls technology company Proserv Controls has penned a strategic alliance with power system monitoring leader Synaptec to develop a cutting-edge integrated holistic cable monitoring system, which will reduce downtime, improve safety and lower operating costs at offshore wind farms. The wide-ranging objective of the partnership is to move both companies forward in several energy markets, including offshore wind and upstream oil and gas, via the co-development of multiple innovative products and services.

Synaptec was founded in Glasgow in 2014 and provides distributed sensor networks to improve visibility and control of power systems across the offshore wind, transmission and distribution industries. Its advanced technologies use optical fibres and are completely passive: a global first for the power sector.

Proserv will incorporate Synaptec’s unique passive distributed electro-mechanical sensing technology within the monitoring solution.

Synaptec’s patented optical sensing capabilities, complemented by Proserv’s leading controls technology, allows the retrofit of control systems, enabling faults and failures to be identified pre-emptively, through a non-intrusive approach. The clear value for the end user lies in the saving of installation costs and in providing the capability to mitigate the occurrence of faults.

The partners will also evaluate how best to incorporate Synaptec’s unique passive DES into Proserv’s cutting-edge subsea control systems in order to monitor the performance of critical infrastructure.

The two firms will work to integrate their mutual technologies to generate condition monitoring solutions which will take preventative failure warnings to another level of sophistication, enabling timely intervention by operators, and thus preventing outages and costly lost production.

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Posted By : Yogender Pancholi on Thu, 15 Oct 2020
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