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Sunrun Introduces Brightbox Home Solar Battery to Greater Houston and Dallas Areas

Power News - Published on Fri, 02 Aug 2019

Image Source: Houston Chronicle
As residents throughout Texas endure increasingly frequent weather-related outages, the nation’s largest home solar and battery provider, Sunrun Inc announced it is bringing its Brightbox home solar and battery service to households in the greater Houston and Dallas areas in Texas. Sunrun’s Brightbox home battery offers residents an affordable home energy solution that provides reliable backup electricity and greater choice for Texans to control how they power their homes.

Starting this month, households in the greater Houston and Dallas areas can get Sunrun’s solar-powered home battery, Brightbox, from as little as zero dollars down and at a consistent, low monthly rate.

Clean energy generated from rooftop solar panels is stored in Sunrun’s Brightbox battery throughout the day. When the grid goes down and there is an outage, Brightbox provides backup electricity to the home. For a typical customer, Brightbox can provide approximately 8 to 12 hours of backup electricity, helping residents power through the night until the following morning when the sun rises and recharges the battery. Brightbox will power four essential circuits of a customer’s choosing in their home. For example, circuits that many customers choose to backup include the garage door, kitchen, WiFi internet, and lighting.

Mr Lynn Jurich, Sunrun’s co-founder and Chief Executive Officer said that “Texans understand the value of energy choice. Sunrun is excited to offer Texans greater independence and control over how they power their lives with an affordable, reliable energy solution like our Brightbox solar-powered home battery.”

With aging electricity infrastructure at risk of increasingly common extreme weather events, power outages are forecasted to increase nationwide. Between 2008 and 2017, Texas has suffered from more than 1,600 power outages, impacting more than 11 million residents. In the past 2 months alone, thousands of Houston residents have experienced a power outage due to severe weather.

Modern technologies such as home solar and batteries offer residents the opportunity to create both a cleaner and more resilient energy system. These customer-sited energy resources are less vulnerable to power line outages and the energy generated from individual solar rooftops can be shared with the neighborhood, providing benefit to the greater community as well as the individual home.

Mr Jurich said that “Our nation’s energy future lies with empowering Americans to utilize rooftop solar and batteries to build a smarter, more resilient electricity system. Texas has long been the heart of American energy and we’re excited to bring cleaner, reliable energy to residents in the state.”

By expanding into the greater Houston and Dallas areas in Texas, Sunrun now offers its Brightbox service in nine states and Puerto Rico. Customers in Florida and Puerto Rico, which have experienced hurricanes in recent years, along with many others are benefiting from the resilience and back-up electricity afforded by Brightbox.

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Posted By : Rabi Wangkhem on Fri, 02 Aug 2019
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