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100% FDI in Coal Mining to Improve Coal Mining Skills in India - Deloitte

Coal News - Published on Tue, 12 Nov 2019

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Mr Andrew Swart, Global leader Mining & Metal Deloitte, said that “India's move to allow 100 per cent foreign direct investment in coal mining is a positive move. I think it is a positive move on the part of the government. The global macro-economic environment is softening and it is a step in the right direction. You get a real opportunity to bring in technical skills in the exploitation of these particular deposits and that's where a lot of international players can add a lot of value to the sector.”

He added "Foreign investment brings in new technologies, which bring in new techniques, new mind set. And I think that raises the overall competitiveness of industries. So foreign direct investment has a positive effect on the industry as a whole. That's why this move on the part of the government is really a step in the right direction.”

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Posted By : Rabi Wangkhem on Tue, 12 Nov 2019
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