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7 Workers Trapped Inside Hydropower Construction Site Rescued Alive In Nepal

Infra News - Published on Mon, 24 Jun 2019

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Xinhua reported that seventeen including six Chinese workers trapped inside the tunnel of an under-construction hydropower project in Nepal were rescued alive on Friday morning, 11 hours after the incident.

Local administrator Mr Arjun Bhandari told Xinhua by phone they were stuck inside after the dry landslide that occurred in the construction site at 8:30 p.m. local time on Thursday blocked the entrance of the 4.18 kilometer long tunnel of Rasuwagadhi Hydropower Project in Nepal-China bordering district Rasuwa.

Mr Bhandari said that "We have rescued trapped 11 Nepali and six Chinese workers alive this morning. All of them are safe. It took 11 hours to complete the rescue operation."

He said that the workers were rescued safely because the landslide did not cause any damage to the tunnel where they were trapped. All the rescued laborers were brought to the construction site office of the hydropower project, some 200 meters down from the tunnel construction site.

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Posted By : Mohan Sharma on Mon, 24 Jun 2019
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