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American Manganese releases new report on revolutionary hydrometallurgical process

Steel News - Published on Fri, 17 Feb 2012

American Manganese Inc has announced the release of a new independent report validating the revolutionary hydrometallurgical process to be used at its Artillery Peak project in Arizona.

The report titled \'American Manganese’s Clean Extraction Process\' and authored by clean tech analysis firm Kachan & Co outlines the hydrometallurgical process and assesses the probability of American Manganese becoming the lowest cost producer of electrolytic manganese metal worldwide.

Mr Larry Reaugh president & CEO of American Manganese said that \"Kachan was commissioned to do an independent assessment of our hydrometallurgical process. Its findings illustrate how American Manganese has developed one of the most efficient models of mining low grade manganese ore and producing low cost, high grade electrolytic manganese metal.\"

Mr Dallas Kachan managing partner of Kachan & Co said that \"On paper and in pilot, American Manganese\'s hydrometallurgical process is promising. The near closed loop nature of the process appears to result in high grade electrolytic manganese metal with little environmental impact and at a low cost. Proving the process at scale in the field will be the company\'s biggest challenge, but early indications are encouraging.\"

American Manganese\'s unique hydrometallurgical process, using commercially available equipment, maintains a low cost, low energy output while retaining a recovery rate of 92% to 93%% electrolytic manganese metal at a purity of over 99.7%. Heat produced from the burning of sulphur to make sulphur dioxide essentially balances out the required amount of energy for the hydrometallurgical process excluding electrolysis.

American Manganese Inc\'s process is based on treatment of low grade manganese, to produce 141 tonnes of electrolytic manganese metal and 366 metric tonnes of anhydrous sodium sulphate by product, which is also a saleable resource.

Mr Reaugh said that \"Traditional extraction methods, such as roasting, aren\'t commercially viable for low grade deposits, since they are very energy intensive, sometimes reaching temperatures of up to 1000°C. Our refinement process eliminates the costs, and environmental impacts related to such methods.\"

Highlights of the Kachan & Co. report include:
Detailed analysis of the patent pending hydrometallurgical process
Feedback from mining industry experts
Summary of the electrolytic manganese market
Outline of environmental impacts
Analysis of American Manganese’s strengths and weaknesses and probability of success

Mr Reaugh said that \"To have a net positive report published by a leading clean tech analysis firm supporting our unique hydrometallurgical process is a huge success for American Manganese. We are encouraged to continue to work towards becoming the lowest cost producer of electrolytic manganese metal in the world.\"

Posted By : admin on Fri, 17 Feb 2012
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