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Australian Gladstone Coal Exports At 3 Month Low - GPC

Coal News - Published on Mon, 10 Jun 2019

Image Source: SteelGuru
The Gladstone Ports Corporation data showed that exports of coal via the Port of Gladstone in Queensland, Australia, slid to a 3 month low in May as volumes to China and Japan slumped. About 70% of the coal exported from Gladstone is metallurgical, with the remaining 30% being thermal. Total coal exports from the port were at 5.97 million metric tonne in May, down 6% YoY and 4% lower than April. It’s the second lowest monthly volume on a YTD basis after February’s 5.12 million tonne. The volume to Japan dropped to a three-month low of 1.37 million tonne. That represents a 37% YoY fall and 14% slide from April. In the past four months, exports from Gladstone to Japan have averaged just 1.42 million tonne month versus 1.75 million tonne in the 4 months prior to that. Exports to China were also lagging, at 733,000 million tonne, down 36% YoY and 49% MoM.

Offsetting this somewhat, was volumes to South Korea, which spiked 187% YoY and jumped 38% month on month to 1.08 million tonne.

Additionally, India-bound exports hit a 2019-high of 1.87 million tonne, having risen 10% from April, but still 4% lower YoY.

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Posted By : Rabi Wangkhem on Mon, 10 Jun 2019
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