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BorgWarner Expands High Voltage Hairpin Electric Motor Series

Auto News - Published on Wed, 11 Dec 2019

Image Source: BorgWarner HVH 146
BorgWarner is expanding its electric motor offerings with the introduction of its new High Voltage Hairpin 146 motor, which is expected to go into production on a light-duty hybrid passenger car with a major OEM in early 2020. The HVH 146, an interior permanent magnet electric motor, is best suited for belt-drive integration at P0 in hybrid electric vehicle applications, where a traditional alternator would be placed. It’s mounted to the front of the engine through a high-tension belt system which allows it to operate at high power levels and speeds up to 16,500 rpm. Beyond being used as a stop/start device, it also can be used for regeneratively charging the battery pack when the vehicle is braking or coasting. The HVH 146 electric motor also provides a peak torque of 65 Nm as well as 95 percent peak efficiency delivering clean auxiliary power for increased driving range. Capable of delivering 35 kW peak power and 65 Nm (47.9 lb.-ft.) of peak torque while weighing only 14 kg (30.9 pounds), it achieves more than double the power-to-weight ratio of a traditional alternator.

Developed as a highly functional solution for OEMs, the motor was designed for easy integration. It features a compact package with high- and low-voltage connectors as well as the required coolant connections. The HVH Series utilizes a precision-formed rectangular wire and multiple layers of interlocking hairpins in place of the traditional round wire windings. This proprietary wiring method, along with the size of the wire, enables the motor to achieve higher power density and efficiency. Its water-cooled properties add to its impressive power density capability.

This electric motor joins BorgWarner’s family of patented and versatile HVH Series motors, available as fully-housed motors or rotor/stator assemblies. Flexible by design, HVH Series motors come in a variety of configurations and offer scalable output and torque.

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Posted By : Arun Huidrom on Wed, 11 Dec 2019
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