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Corkscrew Design Pushes Architectural Boundaries in Torre Helea

Infra News - Published on Wed, 13 Nov 2019

Image Source: stories.worldsteel
A new residential building in Puebla City in Mexico Torre Helea uses a unique steel cantilever structure to create a corkscrew design that gives its apartments a 360° panoramic view. The tower’s columns and floor spans rely on the strength and adaptability of steel to create vast, open-plan living spaces suspended in the sky. The core of Torre Helea is its steel-reinforced concrete cylinder that houses the elevator and stairwells. The structure of the surrounding apartments rests partly on this concrete core, while the columns and cross beams that support the floor-spanning are made of high-strength steel. This structure works by allowing a quarter of each apartment’s weight load to be transmitted to the foundations. Functionally, it removes a lot of restrictions from each of the apartments, allowing their respective terraces to become arguably the most distinctive aesthetic element of the building. In order to meet the complex and unique logistical demands presented by the tower’s bold pushing of architectural boundaries, steel was a vital component of the design.

With a striking aesthetic that will illuminate the city skyline once completed, the building, designed by local architects Bulnes Arquitectos, contains 93 luxury apartments, including one penthouse, across 33 levels. Each floor has three apartments that spread radially from the centre like a propeller, with every level rotating 15° anticlockwise from the last as they rise all the way to the top142.5 meter high. No expense has been spared in designing a luxurious environment. Each apartment has its own large balcony area, with generous living spaces ranging from 235-285m2. Residents also benefit from a car park with 300 spaces, gardens, a fitness centre and other amenities, such as a swimming pool and bar.

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Posted By : Yogender Pancholi on Wed, 13 Nov 2019
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