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Excelsior Mining Successfully Completes Key Pipeline Component

Mining News - Published on Wed, 03 Jul 2019

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Excelsior Mining Corp announced excavation under the 1-10 Highway has been completed; thereby, allowing for the pipeline corridor to be connected from the production wellfield to the Johnson Camp Mine processing facilities. Excelsior remains on scheduled for first copper production in Q4 2019. Construction of a two-mile pipeline corridor connecting the JCM processing facilities to the production wellfield began in January and is expected to be completed before August. The contractor has successfully used the Jack & Bore excavation process of horizontal drilling to install 54" diameter steel casing, for a distance of 460 feet under the 1-10 highway. The casing will contain pipe racks to hold the 18" diameter PLS and raffinate lines, as well as a freshwater line and a utility line. The other key engineering component of the pipeline corridor is a pipeline bridge over an area of the property where elevation is required; this bridge is expected to be completed during July.

Mr Stephen Twyerould, Excelsior Mining, the President & CEO, said that "Our success with the Jack & Bore excavation process highlights our commitment to achieving technical and practical excellence throughout all aspects of the construction process. Our contractors and team performed admirably and the efficient conclusion of this important engineering element allows our construction schedule to remain on pace for first copper production towards the end of 2019."

The following construction milestones remain to be completed in advance of the Company commencing the circulation of mining fluids:

Completion of a new transmission line and power upgrade infrastructure

Completion of a pipeline bridge

Completion of the pipelines between the wellfield and the processing infrastructure

Completion of all solution holding ponds

Construction of new acid storage and acid handling facilities

Installation of new rectifiers

Completion of the drilling of the production wellfield and related monitoring, control, compliance and observation wells

Completion of all infrastructure related to wellfield operations

Obtaining regulatory approval to initiate operations.

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Posted By : Sanju Moirangthem on Wed, 03 Jul 2019
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