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Excelsior Mining announces pre-production progress report in southeast Arizona

Mining News - Published on Thu, 15 Nov 2018

Image Source: Newsfile Corp.
Excelsior Mining Corp announced an update on pre-production preparations at the fully-permitted Gunnison Copper Project in southeast Arizona. Ramp-up activities at the Johnson Camp Mine (JCM) have been running in parallel with the permitting process as the Company seeks to ensure an efficient transition into the pending construction and production phases. Excelsior is now poised to be a major long-term employer within Cochise County for the next quarter century. The number of employees at JCM now totals 31 individuals, as the Company fills essential positions related to production. Key management personnel are in place and essential employees required to operate the production facility at JCM are being hired at a rapid pace. The JCM offices have been fully refurbished in anticipation of start-up. In addition, the drilling contract for the well field is in place and the contractor is awaiting instructions to mobilize the drilling rigs. Long lead items have been ordered and drill casing is currently on site and awaiting the arrival of the first drill rig. Additionally, early equipment and vehicles have been purchased.

Both basic and detailed engineering are complete. The Project Execution Plan and Construction Plans are also complete. A general contractor has been selected and all other major contracts have now been concluded. Key corporate systems, such as safety and environment, are now in place and implemented. All other corporate systems, such as the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) are nearing the completion of the implementation process.

On the personnel side, one of the key hires is Cregg Bossard brought aboard as the senior project manager responsible for mine construction. Mr. Bossard has more than 42 years' experience in the mining, environmental remediation, and construction industries. He has worked in operations, research and development, technical sales, engineering, and construction across the entire spectrum of the mining operations. Mr. Bossard was most recently with Fluor Enterprises, where as a project director and area manager, he was responsible for engineering, procurement and construction, systemization and commissioning activities in several mining projects worldwide, including the USD 1.7 billion Ras Al-Khair Area for the Wa'ad Al-Shamal Phosphate EPC Project.

Mr Roland Goodgame, Excelsior's Chief Operating Officer, said that "We want to assure all stakeholders that we will be ready to move into production next year as per our schedule. During the permitting process, we have been ramping up activity at JCM so that we will be in a position to move seamlessly into the construction and production phases."

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Posted By : Rabi Wangkhem on Thu, 15 Nov 2018
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