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GE Secures First g-cubed High-Voltage Equipment Orders for Industrial Usage

Power News - Published on Sat, 11 Jul 2020

Image Source: GE
GE Renewable Energy’s Grid Solutions business has secured its first Green Gas for Grid pronounced g-cubed industrial orders. Together, German’s specialty chemicals leader Evonik and UK’s Omexom, an Engineering Procurement and Construction company, recently ordered a total of 18 g-cubed gas-insulated switchgear bays. g-cubed is GE’s game-changing alternative to sulphur hexafluoride, the world’s most potent greenhouse gas widely used in high-voltage equipment, including switchgear bays. Switchgear bays are found at substations and help dispatch or cut electrical power in case of a problem on the grid.

g-cubed products feature the same high performance and reliability as sulphur hexafluoride equipment but have a gas mass with more than a 99% reduced carbon di oxide equivalent value. More importantly, life-cycle assessments have shown that g-cubed products have a greatly reduced carbon di oxide impact on the environment compared with sulphur hexafluoride products. Additionally, g-cubed products do not cause pollution transfers to other environmental indicators because they have the same compact dimensions as traditional sulphur hexafluoride products.

Evonik signed a contract for 10 F35-145kV g-cubed GIS bays for its Marl Chemical Park in western Germany. Commissioning is estimated for June 2021. Omexom selected GE as its 132 kV GIS supplier for an industrial customer’s waste plant in the UK. The contract for eight 145 kV GIS bays using g-cubed was signed in March, with commissioning estimated for September 2021.

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Posted By : Nishith Sharma on Sat, 11 Jul 2020
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