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Kaohsiung City to push CSC for Emission Reductions

Steel News - Published on Thu, 12 Dec 2019

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CAN reported that the Kaohsiung City government pledged Wednesday to continue to push China Steel Corporation to speed up its efforts to reduce emissions to improve air quality following a local media report that named the largest steel maker in Taiwan as the country's No 1 source of air pollution. The Kaohsiung City government, which is in charge of supervising China Steel, meanwhile, said it has continued to ask China Steel to improve its emission reduction efforts. Recent inspections show that China Steel's emissions are all within the maximum allowable levels issued by the government, but the city government said these levels were set years ago and were designed to be lenient, in order to encourage heavy industries to continue to base themselves in Taiwan. The city is considering lowering the maximum allowable levels to pressure polluting companies to speed up their emission reduction efforts.

Citing air pollutant emissions data from June to December 2018, the Chinese-language Apple Daily ran a front page story Wednesday that lists the top 10 air pollution sources in Taiwan. The state-run company emitted a total of 1.18 million kilograms of PM2.5 and PM10 particulates during the six-month period, according to the report.

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Posted By : Rabi Wangkhem on Thu, 12 Dec 2019
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