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MAN Energy Delivers Generation Boost in Bangladesh

Power News - Published on Mon, 22 Oct 2018

Image Source: Power Engineering
Germany’s MAN Energy Solutions has won a contract to boost the electricity generation in and around Dhaka in Bangladesh – a deal which will result in the company’s technology providing 10 percent of the country’s installed capacity. The first project will see the expansion of the existing generation capacities in the Manikganj district, part of the Dhaka administrative division. The current power plant generates 58 MW of electricity for the national grid using MAN technology, and MAN will now increase that capacity by another 167 MW.

Doreen Power is also setting up a new plant in Bhairab, which lies 80 kilometers northeast of Dhaka. With a total capacity of 55 MW, this plant will feed directly into the national grid.

Waldemar Wiesner of MAN Energy Solutions said Bangladesh was “a key market” for the company. “When all the current projects are complete, MAN technology will be delivering a capacity of 1.85 GW throughout the country, which constitutes around 10 per cent of Bangladesh's installed capacity. With sustained economic growth, the importance of our contribution to meeting the country’s rising demand for energy will continue to increase.”

In August, MAN Energy Solutions won a contract for two power plants in Bangladesh running on a total of 15 MAN engines. The first plant being built in the Chittagong District and is scheduled to enter operation in 2019. It will be powered by six MAN 48/60 engines with 20.7 MW each. The second plant is in Mirsarai and will have a total capacity of 167 MW and operate on nine MAN 51/60 dual-fuel engines.

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Posted By : Rabi Wangkhem on Mon, 22 Oct 2018
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