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Michelin & Essilor Join Forces for Safer Mobility

Auto News - Published on Mon, 11 Nov 2019

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Michelin and Essilor announced the signing of 2 year collaboration through a Memorandum of Understanding. The collaboration aims at joining forces to widely reach the public and raise awareness on the importance of good vision on the road as well as good functional tyres reliable up to the wear indicator. Poor vision and tyres in a bad state of use are two main risk factors for road safety, related to the human factor on one side and to one of the key performance features of the machine the tyres that connect it to the road on the other side.

90% of the information needed on the road comes from our eyes, and yet it is estimated that 1 out of 5 drivers in the world suffers from uncorrected poor vision, usually due to a lack of awareness or to limited access to vision care.

This is why this partnership between both companies plans on
Increasing awareness campaigns on a global and country scale, through eye screenings and tyre check-ups for employees, customers and the public at large
Providing innovative services to facilitate access to the appropriate equipment to consumers, through the leveraging of both Michelin and Essilor’s respective expertise

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Posted By : Yogender Pancholi on Mon, 11 Nov 2019
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