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Mitsubishi Materials unveils more data falsification and other misconduct

Metal News - Published on Wed, 20 Dec 2017

Image Source: Japan Times
Japan Times reported that Mitsubishi Materials Corp, a manufacturer of components used in automobiles and aircraft, confirmed that it has found more cases of data falsification and misconduct following a probe conducted in the wake of data-rewriting revelations at three of its subsidiaries. Mitsubishi Materials President Akira Takeuchi said at a news conference in Tokyo “I want to offer a deep apology for causing extensive trouble.”

Mitsubishi Materials said subsidiary Mitsubishi Cable Industry Ltd skipped a required inspection on some of its sealing products used for joining metal parts such as pipes, and also falsified data on magnetic wires used for electrical products.

With the latest revelation, the number of firms the Mitsubishi Material group supplied with nonconforming products has come to some 260 companies, it said.

The magnetic wires, called Fine Rectangular Magnet Wire, have also been shipped from Mitsubishi Cable to five firms, the company said.

Mitsubishi Materials has been looking into all of its operations after revealing its subsidiaries doctored specification data for sealing and copper products among others supplied to the aerospace, automotive and electric power industries.

It said earlier that Mitsubishi Shindoh Co rigged data on copper products, while Mitsubishi Aluminum Co also supplied products with falsified specification data.

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Posted By : Rabi Wangkhem on Wed, 20 Dec 2017
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