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Residents of Kuils River Concerned Over Air Emission by Cisco Steel Mill in SA

Steel News - Published on Thu, 19 Sep 2019

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IOL reported that Residents of Kuils River are concerned that the steel company, which they say are polluting their air, will now have the right to do anything it wants after their provisional atmospheric emission licence expired and they now have a permanent air emission license. Community leader Earl Polman said that “We are waiting in anticipation for the way forward, although we know what is going happen; no considerations for residents health, clean air or rights to noise-free residential areas. It’s just all about money and no reflection of dignity towards people and the rights of residents in Kuils River. The law is not being upheld, despite all the evidence that has been provided. We are dumped in this monster saga of metal contamination in and around Kuils River and our officials ignores it for the sake of revenue and so called job creation.”

Cisco had an emission licence to minimise the impact of operations. It is a probationary license issued to first-time applicants for two years. Cisco was established in the 1960s and operated until 2010. During the company’s shutdown period, housing developments began in Kuils River in areas such as Vredelust, Jagtershof, St Dumas, Highbury and Silver Oaks.

According to residents, when they purchased their homes they were under the impression the factory would no longer be operating. However, in October 2012, the industrial plant was purchased by DHT Holdings, which continued trading as Cisco.

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Posted By : Rabi Wangkhem on Thu, 19 Sep 2019
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