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Turkish Shipowners & Güngen Invest In Kongsberg Simulators for Crew Training

Logistic News - Published on Tue, 23 Jun 2020

Image Source: K-Sim Cargo Handling Simulator
cmpany’s routines for cargo handling as well as training, testing and verifying the competence of the firm’s crew.

Upon delivery, the high-performance simulator system will have the same number and correct volumes of cargo/ballast tanks as Güngen’s real crude-oil tankers, while all pumps and pipelines will have the same characteristics. Inert gas and cargo heating system representations will also be included. All simulated equipment and functionality will provide a very similar response to the crew as they will experience when using the real systems after they come on board. In addition to the K-Chief 600 interface, the simulator model will also contain a ballast water treatment control system.

The simulator system will be installed at the shipowners’ office. New employees will undergo internal simulator training before signing on to the company’s vessels, and the training will reduce the overlap time needed on board when new employees sign on.

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Posted By : Yogender Pancholi on Tue, 23 Jun 2020
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