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US Ship Operators Cannot Afford to Turn Blind Eye to Cyber Security - Gard

Logistic News - Published on Fri, 12 Jul 2019

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In its recent Marine Safety Alert 06-19, the United States Coast Guard shares its findings from an investigation into a cyber incident onboard a commercial vessel: In February 2019, a deep draft vessel on an international voyage bound for the Port of New York and New Jersey reported that they were experiencing a significant cyber incident impacting their shipboard network. An interagency team of cyber experts, led by the Coast Guard, responded and conducted an analysis of the vessel’s network and essential control systems. The team concluded that although the malware significantly degraded the functionality of the onboard computer system, essential vessel control systems had not been impacted. Nevertheless, the interagency response found that the vessel was operating without effective cybersecurity measures in place, exposing critical vessel control systems to significant vulnerabilities.

Possibly the most alarming finding to come out of this investigation was that, prior to the incident, the security risk presented by the shipboard network was well known among the crew. While most crewmembers did not trust the onboard computer network enough to use it for personal matters, such as to check their bank accounts, the same network was used for official business – to update electronic charts, manage cargo data and communicate with shoreside facilities, pilots, agents, and port state authorities.

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Posted By : Mohan Sharma on Fri, 12 Jul 2019
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