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Working on lithium-ion technology for Electric Vehicles - Exide

Auto News - Published on Wed, 11 Jul 2018

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PTI reported that battery maker Exide Industries is working on lithium-ion technology to meet demands of electric vehicle (EV) industry though it believes that traditional lead acid batteries would remain relevant even when EVs become popular. The company said lithium-ion technology is penetrating into market, and reduction in its price is making it viable in many segments, which could pose challenges to traditional batteries.

The company directors informed shareholders in the Annual Report for 2017-18 "Your company has also been pursuing the development of appropriate lithium-ion technology for applications in the country particularly for the emerging demands of Evs."

It said that prototypes have been assembled and are undergoing laboratory and field tests to be followed by submission for certification by regulatory authorities.

It added that "The work is closely being done under the technical collaboration and guidance of IIT Madras and associated organisation."

The company said that it has the licence to use and manufacture battery packs and modules using lithium-ion technology for various applications developed by Centre for Electric Vehicles, IIT Madras and Grinntech Motors and Services.

It said that the licence is effective from August 28, 2017 with validity up to August 27, 2027 and technology absorption is in progress.

Commenting on future opportunities and threats, the reports said that "Contrary to general perceptions, your company believes that lead acid batteries will remain relevant even in the EV world."

Meanwhile, most EVs have a 12V lead acid battery as auxiliary battery for SLI (starter, lighting and ignition) application.

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Posted By : Rabi Wangkhem on Wed, 11 Jul 2018
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