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Afghanistan Khan Steele steel booming in markets

Steel News - Published on Thu, 07 Dec 2017

Image Source: Tolo News
Tolo News reported that with just more than four months after the launch of the Khan Steele steel melting plant works in the capital, the plant now supplies about 300 tonnes of iron daily to the markets of the country. The plant officials are pleased by their factory’s performance and said that if more waist iron could be provided to them, the plant can produce up to 500 tonnes of iron per day.

Currently, the steel plant employs technical engineers and more than three hundred workers.

The plant, with its large warehouses and standard machinery in the iron mills, is one of the standard factories in the country and the latest technology is in use.

The existence of standards laboratories for measuring iron and systems for controlling production are some of the main features of the large iron plant.

The plant's officials said that their plant products have good markets in the country.

Mr Sonil Singh technical engineer for the plant said that "Currently, 120 Afghan workers are working in the plant where I am in charge. We are trying to create the necessary technical capacity for this plant, which is why our products are well known in the marketplace and we have a lot of buyers.”

Mr Shahabuddin the plant publications head said that “In this factory, all the necessary technology needed for production is used. Many of the technologies we utilize at this plant have not been used in the country's iron and steel industries.”

The workers in the plant have asked the government to attract large investments in the iron melting sector to create jobs for Afghan workers.

The plant workers say that increased investment in the iron melting sector, besides provide jobs for young people, will also increase the national income.

Khan Steele is one of the successful investments in the Iron melting sector in the country. However, now the raw materials are needed for this plant.

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Posted By : Rabi Wangkhem on Thu, 07 Dec 2017
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