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Bangladesh is now self sufficient in steel billet production - BSMA

Steel News - Published on Thu, 09 May 2019

Image Source: The Daily Star
The Daily Star reported that Md Shahidullah, secretary general of Bangladesh Steel Manufacturers Association, said that Bangladesh has become self-sufficient in billet manufacturing on the back of huge investment made by large steel mills, which bumped up their production capacity. He said “Five years ago, steel mills had to import half the total requirement for billet to make steel to feed the domestic market. Local mills now produce around 6 million tonnes of billet annually, enough to manufacture 5.5 million tonnes of rods.”

The expansion spree by the BSRM, Abul Khair Steel, GPH Ispat, KSRM, Metrocem and Anwar Ispat in recent years has enabled the country to reduce its reliance on imports for billet. Today, 35 mills make billet by importing scrap,

Bangladesh used to import billet mainly from China, the US and India when it produced billet below its annual requirement. Now the import demand for billet is insignificant. Billet import fell to 1.65 lakh tonnes in 2017-18 from 1.696 million tonnes in 2014-15

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Posted By : Ratan Singh on Thu, 09 May 2019
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