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California governor Mr Brown calls for high speed rail project

Steel News - Published on Sun, 21 Aug 2011

Mr Jerry Brown governor of California said that the embattled high speed rail project should move forward, despite growing criticism about the project\'s management and cost.

He added that \"While the nation is in a period of massive retrenchment, I would like to be part of the group that gets America to think big again.\"

He has said little publicly about the project since it came under fire this year in Sacramento, with cost estimates rising and lawmakers questioning its oversight. The project, to connect San Francisco and Los Angeles, was once expected to cost about USD 43 billion, a figure the California High Speed Rail Authority is expected to update this fall.

Mr Brown said that he is really getting into the project and that we\'re working directly with the authority to get their act together. He said he will appoint a commissioner to fill a vacant seat on the agency\'s governing board this week, though he declined to say who.

He added that \"I\'m doing the best I can to keep this train running.\"

The rail project is one of two major infrastructure projects on Mr Brown\'s agenda. He said that he will have a plan for the other project, a peripheral canal or other way to move water through or around the Delta, within a year.

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