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Centre for Science and Environment raises red flag over water needs for projects in India

Steel News - Published on Mon, 27 Feb 2012

Deccan Chronicle reported that indiscriminate environmental clearances to projects in cement, coal mining, iron and steel and thermal power plant sectors are going to worsen the water crisis in India.

The Centre for Science and Environment cautions that even though an additional 380,000 hectares have been allocated to these sectors in the Twelfth Five Year Plan, no cumulative study has been done to ensure water availability in areas where the land has been diverted.

The CSE has calculated that these sectors will require an additional water allocation of 8.3 billion cubic metres of water per year from which
1. Thermal power plants alone will guzzle 84%
2. Steel sectors are expected to consume 13%
3. Remaining 3% will be consumed by the other sectors

But the catch is that while the water resources departments in the states accept that these allocations need to be made, they emphasize that they are not willing to take responsibility if the water is not available.

CSE cites the example of how in the last five years, 24 environmental clearances have been granted to thermal power projects on the Mahanadi river which is the lifeline of Chhattisgarh and Orissa. The total water consumed by these projects is 1.55 million cubic metres per day.

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