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CMI to supply Cold Rolling Mill and Processing lines for PHP Group’s new Cold Rolling Complex

Steel News - Published on Thu, 12 Oct 2017

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PHP Family, a leading group in Bangladesh, and one of the biggest manufacuters of cold rolled steel products in the country, renews its trust in CMI by ordering a high capacity Push Pull Pickling Line (PPL), a fully automated 6-Hi Cold Rolling Mill (6-Hi CRM), a state-of-the-art Continuous Galvanizing Line (CGL), as well as two finishing lines, from the Indian affiliate of CMI Industry for its new Cold Rolling Mill (CRM) complex in Feni, Bangladesh.The new plant is expected to go into operation mid-2019.

With the investment in a second Cold Rolling Complex, named “PHP Integrated Steel Mills Ltd.”, the group is further expanding its high-quality cold rolled steel capacity,in order to cater for a growing domestic steel market, and also to allow for increased exports.To assist the customer in his effort, CMI will provide the necessary innovative technology and full-range supply comprising:

A high-capacity Push Pull Pickling Line, processing 500,000 tons/year of steel strip with a width of 1670mm and a thickness ranging from 1.6 to 4 mm,at a maximum process speed of 150 mpm..

A Single Stand 6-Hi Cold Rolling Mill meeting tight tolerances for strip quality, flatness and thickness with an annual capacity of 200,000 tons, and a maximum speed of up to 1400 mpm. The new mill will be processing strip widths of up to 1370 mm, with all modern features such as automated coil loading and threading, X-ray strip guage, AGC, AFC and level 2 automation.

A Continuous Galvanising Line is designed to process GI and GL (Al-Zn)coatings with an annual capacity of around 200,000 tons suitable for 0.12-0.80 mm (t) x 1350 mm (w) , 180 mpm max process speed. The new line is designed to process galvanized and Al-Zn coated coils. It features high-performance cleaning section and an efficient air-wiping system to control metal coating weights. The line is equipped with patented APC Blowstab cooling system for efficient cooling and improved strip quality. Skin pass and Tension leveler, as well as the Chemical anti- finger print coating are additional features.

A Rewinding Line & Tension levelling lines both with edge trimming facility.

After successful operation of first CRM complex in Chittagong supplied by CMI between year 1999-2004, which consists of a pickling line and two cold rolling mills, as well as two of the three existing galvanizing lines and other finishing lines, PHP Group upholds their confidence in CMI by entrusting the company with new comprehensive project.

Decisive factors for choosing CMI for this project were the company’s extensive experience in designing and building cold rolling complexes, and the field-proven process technology for constant quality and highest plant availability.

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Posted By : Rabi Wangkhem on Thu, 12 Oct 2017
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