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Dave Steel to close Asheville production facility

Steel News - Published on Mon, 12 Jul 2010

Citizen Times reported that, after over 81 years of continuous operation, the Roberts Street facility of Dave Steel Co is being discontinued as a production facility.

The facility at the corner of Clingman Avenue and Roberts Street started operations in 1929 and is the original of the company\'s three current production facilities. Formerly the center of the industrial area of Asheville, it is the River Arts District.

Mr Jeffrey Dave president & CEO of Dave Steel Co said that \"We have seen the transformation of this area to one that is not well suited to the needs of a heavy industrial operation such as ours. I have personally attended countless meetings over the last several years with the city, state, RiverLink and the Asheville Housing Authority regarding the impact of that transformation upon our facility.\"

He added that \"These changes and proposed changes, regrettably, do not and will not permit us to safely and efficiently operate and grow our business at this facility. With these physical changes to the roads and the continued allowance of parking on both sides of the street, it is just a couple examples of how I do not believe our concerns and other property owners concerns were given due consideration.\"

Mr Dave said that \"We were up to 20% capacity for fabrication at this facility and working on increasing our labor force with appropriate training when the decision was made to cease operations at our Roberts Street facility. It just did not make sound business sense to implement the next level of capital improvements that would have been required given that our needs as a safe and productive heavy industrial operation have become so misaligned with the needs and interests of the surrounding neighborhood.\"

Various plans are being considered as to how the more labor-intensive fabrication needs of the company’s projects that had been planned for Roberts Street will be produced.

In 2009, Dave Steel added a 3,900 square foot building to its Meadow Road facility.

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